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We use our knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply our expertise and diverse perspectives to the problem. 
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Facing a diagnosis of “cancer”  the trauma of diagnosis, and a schedule of invasive treatment is challenging for anyone let alone a child. Care during treatment can be invasive, painful and complicated by the clothing one wears. The Supertee is an access garment that allows the young person to be treated without disturbance. Providing greater rest, reducing stress for carer  and child and delivers an emotional confidence boost.  

Inspired by the story of Aloisi family, and of Supertee designer Jason Sotiris (, Rotarian Brian Wybrow was motivated to make a difference.
Partnerships are the key to achieving dreams, the Adelaide Womens and Children's Hospital had heard of the Supertees and commenced testing it to ensure it met the criteria for a hospital garment but were looking to partner with  a  philanthropic organisation to fund the garments.  Monday 2 September, the Rotary Club delivered the first 50 garments to the Adelaide Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation and with the support of  the Hospital's Play Therapists introduced the Supertees to 2 young patients.  

The Club has a 12 month goal to supply 300 Supertees and thereon - continue to meet the demand identified by the hospital for children attending the oncology and other wards within the hospital. 


Potential shines brightest when it's inspired, that's why the Rotary Club of Mobilong is partnering with Supertees and the W&CH Foundation in encouraging children affected by disease to call on their super powers, combat their fears and realise their potential.
That's what People of Action Do.
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September 2nd  W&CH Foundation took possession of 50 Supertees. The Mobilong team along with Ambassador Cameron Aloisi and his family attend the hospital and the first 2 tees were gifted to children in the Oncology ward

The support and passion you have shown towards helping families in hospital Brian is exactly why Supertee is making its way around. Your efforts will echo around that hospital. 50 families battling it tough will be given a gift thanks to your amazing team and it’s coming straight from the heart 💓

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